Friday, April 24, 2009

Adding to the discussion on Kyle's blog

Please read Saunders' article on waterboarding and the US approach to "torture."

Los Angeles or Waterboarding?
A Commentary By Debra J. Saunders


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  2. The Rasmussen Report had some excellent points. The moment Obama went back on his word and opened the door to Bush officials being prosecuted, he showed exactly how weak an individual he really is. The Bush administration and the CIA helped to keep this country safe for over 7 years. These people do not deserve punishment. They deserve our highest praise for keeping us safe from another terrorist attack. I would much rather allow the use of these enhanced interrogation techniques than know that they could have been used,and decide not use them, and god forbid allow another terrorist attack. Stopping the use of these techniqes just to please the ACLU or Human rights organizations is ludicrous, in my opinion. I would much rather avert another terrorist attack from happening in L.A.and allow these EIT's to be used. I just don't think that we can cut corners when it comes to Americans' safety.