Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Interesting economic bits, scary too

This first site is an article that recounts the testimony of one and other wall street people who were uber-pro-Oh, Bama and who not fear, like Kramer, that this "radical agenda" will devastate wall street even further.  The article expands the expected effects and explains that a once of blood on wall streets takes a "pound of flesh" from main street.


This next link (though you may need to copy and paste it to the browser), is a four minute clip of an interview with the beloved Alan Keyes, who valiantly, yet foolishly, ran for Illinois Senator against Obama.  Keyes was an ambassador and advisor to Reagan, speak a few languages, is black, has his doctorate, and is quite Catholic.  His voice can be shrill and nasally at times, but having seen him speak twice and having met him twice  I know of no better speaker!

Incidentally, David Brooks' New York Times headline today says, Obama is not who we thought he was.  

Wow!  David Brooks, Kramer, and Alan Keyes all agreeing, on this...???  Wow!

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