Monday, March 2, 2009

One of my greatest fears

Posted below is a headline from CNN.  It has been rumored and alleged for some time that the Oh, Bama administration would do just this sort of violence to the conscience of individuals.  Bush was polite and quiet as he left office, but he slipped in at least one good policy as he left.  Can you imagine going to college then medical school and residency for about a decade or so then on just as you start your job you are handed a scalpel and told to murder someone you consider to be a living child.  If this goes through...imagine all the people they would seriously have to lock up or force into retirement.  Think of how long it will take to see a doctor next year if even 15% of doctors follow their consciences and refuse, resulting in an early retirement; or prosecution?.  Could a Dr. 'More' refuse to cooperate and be subsequently be prosecuted for denying what is pragmatically sensible...Henry VIiI punished More for not going along with what he thought was morally tolerable.  My God, this scares me.  Just think of where the money to pay for much of this will come from as well...our taxes used to kill our own children.   

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Obama administration plans to reverse a regulation from late in the Bush administration allowing health-care workers to refuse to provide services based on moral objections, an official said Friday.

The rule protects the rights of health care providers who refuse to participate in certain procedures.

The rule protects the rights of health care providers who refuse to participate in certain procedures.

The Provider Refusal Rule was proposed by the Bush White House in August and enacted on January 20, the day President Barack Obama took office.

It expanded on a 30-year-old law establishing a "conscience clause" for "health-care professionals who don't want to perform abortions."

Under the rule, workers in health-care settings -- from doctors to janitors -- can refuse to provide services, information or advice to patients on subjects such as contraception, family planning, blood transfusions and even v


  1. According to the article, Obama plans to reverse an extension of the "conscience clause" that went into effect the day he took office, not the "conscience clause" itself. Seems all he's done is return us to the policy under the Bush Administration. Were doctors being handed scalpels and told to murder people under President Bush?

  2. If FOCA had been passed over Bush's veto then I believe they would have been handed scalpels...I do believe the conscience clause was essentially a response to FOCA, though not a permanent solution to it and this step is requisite to FOCA's passage, which may be slipped into the new health care system as an easy way to bypass the voices FOCA will raise as a solo bill.

    -See response to comment on more recent, same topic, article as well