Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kramer and tv's 'Mad Money'

I told myself I'd steer clear of politics for a day, but I can't resist.  I have a post on Romano Guardini and the Industrial Revolution planned for later in the day.  Now, onto a small bit of politics and economics...

I usually don't care for (Larry?) Kramer, host of tv's Mad Money and frequent guest on the morning news on channel 3.  Today he was in quite a furry with Matt Lauer, not with Matt personally, however.  Kramer repeatedly stated that the recent Oh, Bama budget is a "radical agenda" and laughed at the notion that it was in any way investor or share holder friendly.  He also said that this budget is devastating to job creation in the market place.

Kramer has pushed for the bailouts and what not since long before Bush began them, and he seemed to support Obama up until now in my opinion.   Kramer was down right furious over the amount of time it took Bush to respond to the calls for government intervention back in Oct./Nov.  He essentially went on to add that though the stimulus was helpful and right, this budget completely changes the game and will destroy the economy.   

I haven't read the stimulus or the budget and I likely will not get to it.  In principle I tend to dislike the stimulus and bailouts no matter what their details.  But when Kramer, a pro intervention and pro stimulus and pro bailout guy gets so exasperated with such things I am quite intrigued.  

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